Get Into the Wild with Carnilove

Did you know that grains are not a part of the natural diet for dogs? This is why Carnilove is entirely grain-free. Carnilove contains 70% wild-origin meats and 30% forest fruits, veggies & herbs.

Grains are a common ingredient found in most commercial dog foods, they serve as a cheap filler and source of energy. They do not however form a natural part of the canine diet. Dogs can’t use the excess energy contained in grains and potatoes, it’s stored in the body as fat and leads to the onset of obesity and related illnesses, such as diabetes. Carnilove is a natural food source for dogs, which is why it contains no common grains or potatoes.

We’re also pleased to say that all Carnilove dog food is guaranteed composition, it contains no chemicals, preservatives, or colorants. Comprehensive food forms the basis of daily nutrition for dogs. We understand that the quality and nutritional composition of dog food has a direct impact on overall health and wellbeing. The diet of dogs contains no chemical substances and no artificial additives, both of which can accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems. Carnilove contains the highest-quality ingredients digestibility and usability through and maintains excellent careful processing.

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Carnilove Dog